Lost / Damaged Passport Replacement

/Lost / Damaged Passport Replacement


To replace a Lost/Damaged/Stolen Passport, the following documents are required:

  • Complete the DS-11 New Passport Application form online – Go to https://pptform.state.gov/FraudAbuseNotice.aspx and select the box acknowledging that you “Have read the Privacy and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts Notices and Disclaimers” and click on SUBMIT. On the following page, select SUBMIT under the “Apply Online” tab.
    • Important Application Tips:
    • Include all names as listed on your Birth Certificate/Naturalization Document
    • When selecting size of passport, you can select Large Book (if you travel abroad frequently)
    • Processing Methods – Expedited at Agency Service $60
    • Delivery Methods – Standard Delivery (FREE)
    • Print the application with the auto generated bar code, once submitted online
    • DO NOT Sign nor date the application – until appointment with Acceptance Agent
    • Cannot make any corrections, such as write-over, scratch out, and/or white out on the printed application
    • Any signed/date applications will not be accepted when presented to the Acceptance Agent
  • DS-64 Lost or Stolen Passport Declaration Form – the online system will automatically generate when you complete the DS-11 New Passport Application Form Online – you will be prompted to explain in a brief paragraph the reason you need to replace your passport (Lost/Damaged/Stolen)
  • If you are declaring your passport Damaged and it is still in your possession, you will need to provide the passport as well.
  • Two (2) Passport Size Photos –  No more than three (3) months old. Please note that no glasses are allowed.

  • Original Proof of U.S. Citizenship – such as Original or Certified Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate. Documentation submitted as citizenship evidence will be returned to you with your newly issued U.S. passport.
    • Please note an Abstract Birth Certificate is not acceptable, please obtain the Long Form Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Present Identification – such as state issued Driver’s License or Government Identification Card (city, state, or federal).
  • Proof of Travel – showing travel within 14 days of application or 21 days of application if needing to apply for a visa next, such as:
    • A copy of travel itinerary airline ticket
      • OR
    • Company letter, with an original signature – stating the applicant’s name, purpose of visit, date of departure, destination, and mode of transportation
  • One (1) Authorization Form – Fully completed and signed – it will authorize us to submit your passport application on your behalf
  • Passport Fees:
    • A  money order or check payable to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE for $170.00
    • A separate payment of $25.00 will be paid directly to the acceptance facility you present your documentation to (further details on Step 3 below).
  • FOR NAME CHANGE REQUESTS ONLY: Original Proof of Name Change  – Original or certified copy of your Marriage License or the government issued document (court order) proving your legal name change under federal or state law. Documentation submitted as name change evidence will be returned to you with your newly issued U.S. passport.
  • One Full Copy of all required documents


INSTRUCTIONS: Having your documents Authorized by a Government Passport Acceptance Agent

  • Present the documents listed above to an Acceptance Agent found at your local post office or court house for authorization. To find the nearest location, please go to http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/.The fee of $25.00 is paid at this time by credit card, check, cash, or money order. It is highly recommended that you contact the acceptance facility in advance to confirm hours of operation, if an appointment is required, and acceptable forms of payment.
  • Sign and Date Your Passport Application – The Acceptance Agent will instruct you to sign and date the print out of your completed DS-11 New Passport Application form in his/her presence (the documents must be received at our office within 5 days from the date on the application).
  • Sealing of Your Documents – Once your documents have been authorized, the Acceptance Agent will take the documents listed below, seal them up in an envelope, and give the sealed envelope back to you. DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE
    • Completed and signed  DS-11 New Passport Application form
    • Completed and signed DS-64 Declaration form
    • Two Color Passport Photos
    • Original Proof of U.S. Citizenship
    • Copy of Present Identification
    • One Completed Authorization Form
    • Proof of Travel
    • Money order or check payable to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE for $170.00
    • For Name Change Requests only, documentation proving the name change.

FINAL STEP:  Once the Authorization process is complete, please send the following to our office:

  • Sealed Envelope
  • Full Copy of ALL Documents enclosed in the sealed envelope
  • One (1) Completed Service Order Form
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